Dancing Horrors is a 2d platforming game where the goal is to eliminate enemies to the rhythm of the music. the innovation in my project is the idea of turning a Mario-Styled platformer into a rhythm game where you attack to the beat of the music!

Click next image to rotate wheel.

Cer-boo-rus (idle)
Giga-Skelly (idle)
Quadro-pion (idle)
dancy boi (walk)
dancy boi (sneak)
dancy boi (attack)
dancy boi (jump)
dancy boi (idle)
skelly coin2
regular coin2

Level Example:

SIP Final Test:

SIP Final Presentation:

In Progress Features:

Score Multiplier:

dancy boi (idle) sad.gif
dancy boi (idle) very sad.gif
dancy boi (idle) very happy.gif
dancy boi (idle) happy.gif

Score Multiplier (Player Indicator):





Giga-Skelly (idle) wrong.gif
Giga-Skelly (idle) right.gif

Enemy Missed:

Enemy Hit: